Laser Cutting

From a simple mounting hole to an ornate architectural detail, precision is everything. Laser tube Jasa Laser Cutting Medan cutting makes clean cuts that meet print every time. Totten Tubes has in-house laser processing capabilities with the Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400 II and BLM LT8.20. This advanced technology tube laser cutter uses a 4000-watt laser to cut steel tubes with revolutionary accuracy and speed.Laser Tube Processing Capabilities

Our tube lasers give us the flexibility to handle jobs of Jasa Laser Cutting Medan all sizes. They are a Jasa Laser Cutting 6-axis machine with an articulating head that makes it possible to produce a wider variety of cuts. 6-axis technology allows us to create precise angles and beveled edges.Add Capacity to Your Shop with Our In-House Tube Lasers

Whether you need a long manufacturing run, a short run for a custom job or just-in-time production, Totten Tubes can help. Capacity of our laser processing includes: 40’ infeed 40’ outfeed 1/dua” OD to 16” OD capacity for rounds 1/dua”x 1” to 8”x12” rectangular tube Any material up to 3/4” wall (.750) or 50 lbs./foot maximum

Simplify your process with our tube lasers and increase the throughput in your shop. Round, square, and rectangular tubes can be processed using this technology.Laser Tube Cutting Quote Request Requirements

Request a quote to get your project started or Contact Totten Tubes to learn more about our laser processing capabilities. When submitting a quote, please include: 3D part files for each part. .sldprt, .step, .x_t, .iges, and .ifc files PDF drawings for each part Clear BOM for multiple partsMazak 3D Fabri Gear 400 II 

BLM LT8 Tube Laser Cutter

6 Reasons to Choose Totten Tubes for Laser Tube Cutting Precision: Laser tube cutting not only eliminates human error; it relieves you of having to pay top dollar for a highly experienced worker. Speed: Before tools like the Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400 II and the BLM LT8, tubes had to be processed by hand. To achieve precision, workers had to cut very slowly. As a result, processing a tube could take hours. Totten Tubes is excited to offer in-house laser processing of mechanical and structural tubing and pipe.The Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400 II and the BLM LT8 has reduced this time to mere minutes. Efficiency: Laser tube cutting services deliver ready-to-assemble, turnkey parts. We can laser cut parts with a tab and a slot so that you can snap them together and weld them, without having to build a jig and a fixture to hold them in place. Eliminate Deburring: The precision you get with laser tube cutting isn’t just about making cuts that meet print. Our laser tube cutting tool makes clean cuts, eliminating the need for deburring. Free Up Capital: We invested in the Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400 II so you don’t have to. Totten Tubes’ laser tube cutting services frees up capital; instead of allocating capital toward bringing this technology in-house, you can put toward other important upgrades or expenses. Depth of Inventory: At other shops, you may have to wait if you need a size that they don’t keep in stock. Totten Tubes, stocks round, square and rectangular steel tubing in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. We save you from having to wait or sourcing the material yourself.

Want to see more images of the laser in action? Check them out here.

Combined with our well-known deep inventory of round, square and rectangular sizes and extensive logistical reach, Totten Tubes is uniquely poised to be the premier source of turnkey laser processing in the West.Reduce Lead Times with Laser Tube Cutting Services

No matter how complex your product is, your number one goal is simple: to get there first. The six benefits mentioned above add up to one tremendous bonus: reduced lead times. If you’re aiming to get your product to market before the other guys, our laser tube cutting services can help you get there.

A true turnkey part is one that makes little to no additional work for you to do. To that end, we offer several value-added services in addition to laser tube cutting such as: Kitting Bending Painting Powder coatingIndustries

Totten Tubes provides tube laser cutting services for a broad range of industries, including: OEM Aerospace ground support Agricultural Furniture Aftermarket automotive Industrial fabrication/manufacturing Communications/telecomStay Ahead of the Competition with Laser Cutting Services

To beat your competitors to market, you need to find the quickest route. Our laser cutting services aren’t a shortcut. They’re a superhighway. We’re a one-stop-shop for turnkey parts, and we use the very best technologies and partners to make that happen.

We’ll help you cross the finish line without sacrificing even the smallest measures of quality. For more information about our tube laser cutting services, Contact Totten Tubes today or Request a quote.

Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Your application is the key factor determJasa Laser Cutting Medan ining which metal laser cutter is the right one for you. We will be glad to find the best, most cost-effective solution for you—we don’t just focus on providing the right laser metal cutting machine, we also strive to make your investment count by offering the most reliable one.For small metal fabrication business with limited budget, we have affordable metal laser cutting machines—but not at the expense of performance and quality, for you.With selected quality parts, ingenious design, precision manufacturing, MT-L Fiber will always bring you reliable cutting experience.

Why Choose Fiber Lasers For Jasa Laser Cutting Medan Metal Cutting?

FIBER or GAS (commonly CO2) laser represent the two most common processes for processing metal. However, fiber laser beam offers a metal friendly wavelength which is more efficiently absorbed by metals. This allows fiber laser to cut metal at dua-3x faster than CO2 lasers.

Besides, fiber laser operating costs are only half of what a CO2 system can offer due to the lower electrical consumption and high electrical efficiency.

Also, fiber offers lower down time, less ongoing maintenance all translates to increased productivity. For this reason fiber has been quickly replacing the traditional CO2 laser in most metal cutting applications.

Today, fiber laser cutting machines offer the ability to economically laser cut metal such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, and even aluminum materials. As a result fabricators have a great opportunity to cost effectively and efficiently laser cut highly intricate metal parts, prototypes, and customized pieces, application evaluation.

Metal Laser Cutting Machines for SaleMT-L Fiber

MORN LASER metal laser cutters come in 7 models, all are designed with fiber lasers, for cutting sheets and tubes, from prototyping through production, to meet the needs of different metal fabricators.

Our metal laser cutter for sale contains high power fiber lasers up to 15,000kW, which can process 55mmSS, 50mm CS, etc. Standard cutting formats are available with sizes: 3000mm*1500mm,4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm. Custom lasers and formats are also available. Talk to online engineers for details.

MT-L Fiber are perfect for demanding applications: impossible geometries, extremely narrow nesting,well-defined cutting edges,etc.

Single plate metal laser cutter for versatile and productive 2D flatebed laser cutting, with undisputed superior quality results.

Equipped with intelligent CNC chuck, precise control of speed and clamping force.

Industry new patent, representing the new height of pipe cutting technology in the industry.

One machine, two purposes, save space, save cost

Preferred equipment for comprehensive processing metal manufacturers.

Cutting, loading and unloading can be carried out simultaneously, greatly reduce processing time, improve metal processing efficiency.

Environment protection, safety and noise-proof.

Favored by terbaru metal fabricators.

An economic option to the advertising market for its efficiency and stability at an affordable cost.

The Smallest and cheapest laser cutter for metal, best choice for diy metal design lovers. 

Laser Power and Cutting Thickness

Laser Metal Cutting Applications Cases

Fiber laser cutting machine is for metal precise cutting powered by fiber laser technology.

This video demonstrates our newly designed metal sheet laser cutting machine.

This video demonstrates our newly designed metal sheet laser cutting machine.

This video displays the new design of our sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine.

MORN 2000W Fiber Cutting Machine for 16mm 6025 Carbon Steel Video

Servo motor and driver: Some supplier use mix servo motor which will make the Jasa Laser Cutting accuracy worse.

trong Letha bed: MORN takes 20-30 days to produce a lathe bed (material selection, welding, high-temperature annealing to remove stress, precision testing, etc.).

Fiber laser technology has become a new star in laser industry and an emerging leader in sheet metal cutting field.

Fiber laser cutting machine is for metal precise cutting powered by fiber laser technology.

Compared to traditional CO2 laser machines or YAG lasers, the fiber laser has higher effiency and are more versatile in metals processing,

Carbon Steel laser cutting in different thickness

Stainless Steel laser cutting in different thickness

Brass laser cutting in different thickness

Aluminum laser cutting in different thickness

Galvanized Plate laser cutting in different thickness

Black/Silver/Gold Laser Cut Decor

Custom Business LOGO Signs, Business Signs, Outdoor Metal Signs,Commercial Sign, Custom Graphic sign, Customized Laser Cut Address Signs

Custom Logo Stainless Steel Laser Cut Signboard , Custom Laser Cut Logo Brushed Metal

Buy the Right Metal Laser Cutting Machine

we understand that every job is unique in its own way. We also know that before investing in a solution, it only makes sense to ensure that a laser system can meet your application and organizational needs. When purchasing a MORN LASER metal cutting machine, you are tapping into the laser cutting know-how of dozens of MORN engineers. Discuss your application with our laser cutting specialists and get custom samples of your parts. Discover the right laser cutting solution for your shop.What should i know to buy a metal laser cutter?

Buying a right metal laser cutting machine is the first guarantee of your investment, and the process can be tearing for most metal fabricators. Therefore, it is important to make reasonable analysis before buying the machine.

The cutting quality of a metal laser cutting machine is important because it will have an impact on downstream processes, such as welding or painting; weld-ready cuts will cut the steps for weld preparation, streamlining production and reducing labor costs

Fiber laser cutting machines have been gradually popularized in metal processing industries. We believe many laser machine investors have interest in the question that which industries are the mainstream application field of fiber laser cutting machineFactors That Affect the Metal Laser Cutting Quality

For the application of metal laser cutting machine, the quality of cutting is the primary condition to consider. With good cutting quality, metal laser cutting machine can create value for the metal fabricators. 

Compared to other guardrails, metal guardrail is more durable and reliable especially in outdoors. Metal guardrail laser cutting machine facilitates guardrail fabricators taking the lead in the competitive guardrail fabrication markets with unparalleled precision, speed and unique flexibility in pattern making. 

Due to the popularity of the metal laser cutting machines, the competition among metal processing fabricators becomes more and more intense, resulting in a decrease in the profitability of the metal laser cutting machine.

The combination of fashion and technology can always bring new surprises. Metal cutting techniques reinterprete the highly fashionable hollow metallic jewelry. Laser-cut metal jewelry builds the fashion of this fall.

Fiber laser cutting machines are used for a wide range of applications and creations throughout the year and regular maintenance is vital for keeping it in optimal condition. This is even more prominent during the winter months. 

What is the best laser cutter for metal?

How to build a laser metal cutter?

How much does a metal laser cutter cost?

How small can a laser cutter cut thin metal sheets?

How strong is a sheet metal laser cutter?

What to use to clean metal grate for laser cutter?

What kind of laser cutter do i need to cut metal?

How thick of metal would a 1000w laser cutter cut?

How does a metal laser cutter work?

What happens if a laser cutter is used on a reflective metal?

Cnc Laser Tube Cutting Machine Manufacturers In China

ACME is your affordable laser cutting solutiJasa Laser Cutting on for metal fabrication applications, including automobile manufacturing, aeronautics, ship building, medical industry and others.

2022-04-08Safety Notice on Laser Welding Machine Operation

Safety Notice on Laser Welding Machine Operation1) laser processing, please wear protective glasses, with safety gloves, after the power on and after the laser power, the gun is strictly prohibited to

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The difference between laser cutting and traditional cuttingLaser cutting Optical cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a focused high-power density laser beam, so that the irradiated

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Application of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine in Elevator ManufacturingAs we all know, elevator manufacturing mainly make of 3mm stainless steel. In order to ensure the smooth finish of stainless

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Jasa Laser Cutting Medan 2022-03-25The Influence of Auxiliary Gas on Laser Cutting

The Influence of Auxiliary Gas on Laser CuttingWhen the laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel. It usually uses auxiliary gas. Common auxiliary gases include oxygen, nitrogen, and air. One of the

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2022-03-24The First 12000W Laser Tube Cutting Machine Was Born in Acme Laser

The First 12000W Laser Tube Cutting Machine Was Born in Acme LaserJust last week, our company successfully delivered a 12000W laser tube cutting machine, which is the first tube cutting machine over

Laser Cutting

Custom Laser Cutting Service Jasa Laser Cutting


We now have our own Laser Cutter which we will be using to create cases, robot claws, gears and all manner of things from acrylic sheet.

As a service to our customers we can also offer this cutting service. So if you have a need  for a custom piece of perspex then send us an email to with the details and we will give you a price.

We can also cut SMD Stencils from 0.1mm transparency film. So if you are designing and making your own surface mount circuits boards, we can easily make the Solder Paste Stencils for you. See the Stencils laman for more details

What can we cut?

Maximum size: A3 (300 x 420 mm)

Cutting depth up to 10mm acrylic

Standard CAD arsip format: DXF

We have in stock various colours of acrylic sheets in 3mm and 5mm, but can source other colours and thicknesses (up to 10mm max).

Our list of core colours in 3mm acrylic include:

Solid Colours: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow

Tinted Colours: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Green



We can’t give a fixed price as each job is different and depends on the materials used and how complex the cutting is. Lots of small shapes take longer to cut and more management to ensure they are all cutting correctly. Generally more set-up time as well.

We base the pricing on a materials charge and time (which includes set-up as well as laser time). There is a minimum charge of £10.00 + VAT for one man-hour. For example, a simple arsip that will fit on an A4 3mm sheet of tinted orange perspex is charged at £4.00 + VAT for the materials and £10.00 + VAT Jasa Laser Cutting Medan for  the man-power. A delivery charge always applies (as the larger the order then heavier it is) and starts at £dua.00 + VAT.

File Format

Standard DXF CAD arsip format.

There are a number of free CAD perangkat lunak tools available. We use LibreCAD ( We have also found DoubleCAD very user-friendly.

How to order

Create your DXF file ensuring that, if there are multiple shapes, they are spaced a minimum of 2mm apart. As lasers cut by melting the perspex, if you put mounting holes too close to the edge, you can get a rough finish.

If you want, for example, 10 shapes cutting that are exactly the same, just send us the single design along with the fact you require 10 of them.

Email the DXF file(s) to us at ‘’ along with the specifications of perspex colour and thickness. It can be helpful for us to see a final design as we may be able to spot any issues/pitfalls. It is important to remember that the thicknesses of difference acrylic sheets can vary by as much as +/-10%. If your design involves different colours sitting flush next to each over, we will do our best to match thicknesses but we need these issue highlighting for us in the first place. Please include a delivery country (as minimum).

One we have all the information Jasa Laser Cutting Medan required, we will email you a quotation and lead times. If you are happy to proceed, we will set-up the order and send you a PayPal or WorldPay payment request (as you prefer).

There are no products to list in this category.

Free Laser Cutter Svg / Dxf Files And Templates

It is never easy to fJasa Laser Cutting Medan ind free laser cutter projects, but we will do our best to make it as simple as possible.  Before we go on, let’s first go over some of the laser cutting arsip types you will want to look for.Whether it’s an SVG, DXF, or laser file template, it is important to know the differences and which one will work best with your laser cutting machine.Free Laser Cutting FilesNow let’s cover where you can find some of the best free SVG and DXF files for your laser engraving projects.Free SVG FilesAn SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) arsip is basically a vector image file format for two-dimensional graphics.  Well, you are probably wondering why that is important to note, and that’s because you can just use any image or file to use with your laser cutting perangkat lunak.You will first need to find an SVG arsip or convert your image or drawing into a usable vector image.Where can I find Free SVG Files?Love SVG

The first on our list of websites with free SVG files is LoveSVG.  A great resource for your laser cutting arsip needs.  Be sure to check out all they have to offer for your cutting needs.hello SVG

Jasa Laser Cutting Medan Another fantastic free SVG resource is helloSVG.   Whether you are using a laser cutter, Cricut,  or vinyl cutter, they offer thousands of free SVG files right at the edge of your fingertips.Creative Fabrica

One of the ultimate websites for all your crafting needs.  Creative Fabrica specializes in not just SVG files, but also fonts and much much more.Creative Market

Creative Market is a huge resource for laser cut SVG files, plus a number of other formats (including DXF, AI, PSD, etc).

They have illustrations, fonts, mock-ups and more, and offer filtering options by type, format, aplikasi and file properties.Instructables

Instructables is a well-known online maker resource where you can find tons of free DIY and creative project files in different vector formats, including SVG.Design Bundles

You’ll find a seemingly endless number of design files on this site, especially when it comes to designs for crafters.

While you might not be looking for an embroidery design, or a printable, they have plenty of vector options as well.

If you’re looking to cut or engrave a fun holiday design, for example, Design Bundles is a good place to start.Thingiverse

If you’ve been involved in the maker world for any amount of time, whether using 3D, laser cut or CNC equipment, you’ve undoubtedly crossed paths with Thingiverse. This is just a massive repository of design files and project ideas.

Many of these are scalable SVG files for use on a laser cutter. Just start searching, filtering, and even joining some groups to find fun inspiration and fun projects to tackle.

Tip: If Thingiverse seems overwhelming, check out these other ideas for Thingiverse alternatives.Ponoko

Ponoko is one of my new favorite places to find free laser engraving files in different formats, including SVGs. I love the clean interface and selection of project files.

For example, if you’re looking to cut something for an electronics application, it’s a great place to look. They also have lots of project files for faceplates, ornaments, kitchen gadgets, and more.Free DXF Files

Now, you may know what an SVG arsip format is, but did you know what a DXF file is?

A DXF arsip is essentially just an AutoCAD file format.  DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format, and can be used with Lasers, 3D printers, and CNC machines.Where can I find FREE DXF Files?

Of course, since many makers use AutoCAD, many of the sites listed above also include free DXF files and projects.

In addition to those, take a look at the Jasa Laser Cutting following resources to expand your DXF search even further.Scan2CAD

Scan2CAD is by far one of our favorite DXF arsip resources, and we have gone to them time and time again for design inspiration.  They have an extensive library of free files that anybody will be sure to

Another fantastic free DXF resource is 3axisCo.   No matter what cutting machine you are using, they offer one of the largest selections of free and paid cutting files.DXF Store

Not only does DXF Store offer a lot of great files, but they also have offer FREE DXF files that you love to cut.

Check them out and let us know what you think of their selection.FREE Laser Cutter Templates, Clip Art, and Vector Graphics

Tired of searching for royalty free vector graphics, clip art, and templates for your laser cutter.  Well good news, we have found a website that has all you’re looking for.Vecteezy

This website will have almost everything you are looking for.  Get free laser cutter projects that you will be sure to love.

Don’t have a file ready for your laser engraver?

Don’t worry. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare a arsip for laser cutting and how to convert a file to an SVG.How to prepare your file for laser cuttingWhen we want to cut an image into a physical board or metal sheet, we are going to need laser engraving technology.An image is not laser-cutting friendly so we have to convert it and prepare the file for the laser cutting to start the process.

Use a High-Quality ImageA successful laser cut always starts with a high-quality image. This allows you to cut with greater accuracy and lebih jelasnya.A poor design can lead to extra editing and time wasted, so we always recommend starting with a solid image for laser cutting.Select the right partYou will want to select the exact part of the image you are looking to convert.  For example, you may need to crop a part that you do not want to be added to a cut. The crop function can be used to select the desired part of the image.EditingMost of the images will have parts that we are not going to need like the background. Background can be removed easily by a simple background removal tool.If the image is complex, Photoshop can be used to remove the background manually.Convert image to grayscaleConverting the image to grayscale is necessary to highlight the details of the image.This will also help the computer read the proper detail for the cutting. Any perangkat lunak can be used to convert the regular image to grayscale.Tip: Here’s a quick guide on how to make a black and white image in Photoshop.Import image to InkscapeOnce your image is ready and it has proper sharpness, you can import it in the Inkscape aplikasi.In this perangkat lunak, you can get your SVG for the DXF arsip ready for your image cutting.Adjust units and SettingsSome settings are required in this part of the process also. You are going to convert your image into a physical cut structure so you have to adjust the units in the software.Units can be selected as millimeters or centimeters.Adjust the size of the lamanYou can select the laman size easily by going in the file option of the Inkscape. Selecting the right laman size is important so the laser cutting file will not let the cutting beyond your sheet.Adjust grid and strokeYou have to compare the lebih jelasnya of the images so you have to insert a grid on the image inside the software.After adjusting the grid, you can adjust the stroke. Stroke can be deep or shallow.Where you only need to do some engraving, you can set a shallow stroke. Where you are going to cut the whole sheet, you can insert the deep stroke option.After adjusting the settings, you can save the file in DXF or SVG format.Can a Glowforge Cut an SVG File?

Yes, a Glowforge can definitely cut an SVG file. In fact, SVG files are one of the few scalable vector-based arsip formats where you can create a design using all three core Glowforge functions: cut, score and engrave.

Tip: Have a look at this post for Glowforge vector based project ideas.Finishing things upWe hope you now have a better understanding of where to find FREE SVG and Laser Cutter files for all of your projects.Be sure to bookmark this laman as we will continue to update you with other free files, projects, and templates.

CJasa Laser Cutting ustom laser cut products, made in the USA Jasa Laser Cutting Medan

We provide laser cutting and engraving services to turn your designs into custom products. You choose the material, tell us about your deisgn, and we send you a quote. No job is too big or too small.We also provide 3D modeling, 3D printing, and plasma cutting services.


Wood, Inc. specializes in production Laser Cutting and Engraving.  We offer a full line of design services to help you create your unique product.  Located in Manassas, VA, our services are easily accessible to those in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC Metro area.  We offer Jasa Laser Cutting Medan fast turnaround times and ship to any location in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order is $150. This will typically cover about 30 minutes of design time and 1 hour of laser cutting time.

Can you cut metal?

Yes, we can now cut metal on our plasma cutter. On our CO2 lasers, we mostly cut plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, and leather.

What type of laser do you have?

We have 2x 150 watt CO2 lasers, a 30 watt Galvo laser, and a plasma CNC

What is the maximum cutting area?

The largest cutting area is 40″ x 55″.

How fast can you have an order ready?

Most orders can be turned around in about 2-tiga weeks depending on material availability and design complexity. 1-dua day Rush Service is available, please inquire.

What arsip types does accept?

We mostly use Adobe Illustrator (.AI files) but can also work from .DXF, .SVG, and .PDF files. To send us files, please contact us below describing the project, we will then reply via email, where you can send the files as an attachment.

What are your business hours?

Due to limited staff and dynamic schedules, we do not have regular business hours. Meetings are by appointment only.

Laserthing custom order inquiry

Laser Machine – Blue Elephant

What is CNC Laser Machine? 

The Jasa Laser Cutting Medan laser machine is the general term for the laser engraving machine, laser cutting equipment, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, laser etching machine, and laser welding machine. And the laser system CNC machine is usually cJasa Laser Cutting Medan onsisted of laser processing system, laser working table, laser head, laser machine frame, laser machine perangkat lunak, and other laser machine CNC kits.

How does a Laser Machine Work?

The working principle of the laser CNC cutting machine is to use the high temperature of the laser beam to cut different materials. And the laser engraving machine, laser etching machine, and laser marking machine are CNC laser equipment that use laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials (metal and nonmetal materials). However, the laser machine for marking usually changes the colors of the material surfaces. While the CNC laser engraver machine and CNC laser etcher would remove a part of the surface when processing. And laser CNC cleaning is the process of removing material from a solid surface with a laser beam.

Fiber Laser vs. CO2 Laser vs. YAG Laser

The CNC laser cutting machine realizes the processing of different materials by the different thermal energy of the laser beam. Based on the type of laser generator, the laser machine near me mainly falls into three types: CO2 laser CNC machine, fiber CNC laser machine, and YAG laser machine. 

Among them, the fiber CNC laser and CO2 CNC laser are the most commonly used methods. The fiber laser machine is mainly used for processing metals, which can be divided into fiber laser engraver for metal, fiber laser engraving machine for metal, fiber laser cutter near me, fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cleaner for sale, and fiber laser welding machine. And the CO2 CNC laser is mainly for processing non-metal materials, such as CO2 laser engraver for wood, CO2 laser cutter near me, CO2 laser marker, CO2 laser engraving machine for sale, CO2 laser cutting machine near me, etc. While the YAG laser cutting machine is very suitable for CNC metal cutting, CNC drilling, and CNC welding, which is a multi-functional CNC laser device.

Blue Elephant provides a variety of laser machines, including the fiber laser machine, CO2 laser machine, laser machine for marking, laser machine for etching, laser machine for welding, and laser rust removal machine. All these laser machines can meet your cutting, engraving, marking needs in various metal and non-metal materials. For example, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum, Jasa Laser Cutting acrylic, plastics, rubber, leather, glass, etc. With its advantages of fast speed, high precision, and good quality, laser machine has become the first choice for many manufacturers.

How Many Types does the Laser CNC Machine have?

a. Metal Laser Machine vs. Non-metal Laser Machine

According to the processed materials, the CNC laser machine can be divided into the following types.

1. Metal laser cutter and engraver: sheet metal laser cutting machine, steel laser cutting machine, aluminum laser cutter, stainless steel laser engraver machine, brass laser CNC engraver, metal tube laser cutting machine, etc.dua. Non metal laser cutter engraver: acrylic laser cutter for sale, mdf laser cutter, fabric laser cutting machine, laser paper cutting machine, wood laser engraver for sale, stone laser engraving machine, glass laser engraving machine, plastic laser cutting machine, etc.

b. Multi-functional Laser CNC Machine

In the light of different processing requirements, the CNC laser design machine will be made into various types, such as desktop laser cutter, diy laser cutter for sale, hobby laser cutter machine, home laser cutter machine, best laser cutter for beginners, portable laser cutter, 3d laser cutting machine, industrial laser engraver, universal laser cutter, small laser large laser cutter for sale, homemade laser cutter, laser sheet cutting machine, laser tube CNC cutter machine, handheld laser engraver and cutter, automatic laser engraver machine, best laser cutter for small business, laser die cutting machine, 3d laser design machine, etc.

c. Multi-power CNC Laser Machine

You may choose different power size to cut and engrave different materials with different size and thickness. So how much power size does a laser CNC machine lathe have? From 30W to 1000W, you can select depending on your favor. So, in order to meet customers’ needs, we provide the 40w laser engraver, 50w laser engraver for sale, 60w CNC laser cutter for sale, 80w laser cutting machine, 100w laser marking machine for sale, 150w laser welder machine, 300w CNC laser cleaning machine for sale, 1000w CNC metal laser engraving machine, etc.

d. Multi-size Laser CNC Machine

As one of the top laser manufacturers in China, Blue Elephant also support laser machine custom service. Therefore, we have many kinds of CNC laser machines with different sizes, such as 4×4 laser cutter, 2×3 CNC laser cutting machine, 5×10 CNC laser engraver for sale, 4×8 CNC laser cutter for sale, 6×10 laser engravers near me, etc.

e. Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is a kind of very popular CNC laser equipment. CNC laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. Regardless of simple or complex parts, the laser cutting equipment can achieve a rapid prototyping cut. The CNC laser cutters mainly realize the cutting of metal and non-metal materials. For instance, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, alloy, wood, acrylic, wood, paper, glass, rubber, and MDF.

The CNC laser cutter often falls into two types: fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser machine. A fiber CNC laser cutter is also known as a metal laser cutting machine, steel laser cutting machine, or laser sheet cutting machine. The CO2 laser cutter for sale is designed for cutting non-metallic materials. So it includes the wood laser cutter, laser paper cutter, acrylic laser cutter, fabric laser cutting machine, plastic laser cutting machine, mdf laser cutter, etc.

Blue Elephant offers various types of laser machines for cutting. For cutting metals, it has fiber laser cutting equipment, sheet metal laser cutter, steel laser cutter for sale, metal laser cutting machine, and other metal cutting machines.

For cutting non-metal materials, Blue Elephant offers desktop laser cutter, acrylic cutting machine, laser paper cutter, wood laser cutter, or laser wood cutting machine, laser fabric cutter, leather laser cutter.

f. Laser Engraving Machine

A laser engraving machine (laser engraver), also the laser engraving cutting machine, is an advanced laser machine that uses the heat energy of the laser beam to engrave many kinds of materials. Features of the laser engraver include strong operability, multiple applicable materials, smooth cutting edges, fast processing speed, high precision, less waste, and high efficiency. 

The cheap laser engraver falls into two types, fiber laser engraver for metal, and CO2 laser cutter engraver. Based on the main purposes, the laser engraving machine can include the following models:

Hobby laser engraver for wood, wood engraving machine, best laser engraver for wood, wood laser engraver

CNC laser engraver for metal, metal engraving machine, or laser engraving machine for metal, best laser engraver for metal

Handheld laser engraver for glass, or glass laser engraving machine

3D laser engraver for leather, laser engraver for jewelry, acrylic laser engraving machine 

By the machine size, both fiber laser engravers and CO2 laser engravers near me can have big sizes and small sizes. The small laser engraver is also called minilaser engraver, best desktop laser engraver, portable laser engraver. It is the most popular laser cutter and engraver model. Sizes of the desktop laser engraving machine or the handheld laser engraver can be 110x110mm, 200x200mm, and 300x300mm. Other portable laser engraver for metal can have an effective working size of 600x900mm, 600x1500mm, 1200x1200mm, etc. We accept the customization for the worktable size of cheap laser engravers near me.

The portable laser engraver for sale is suitable for various industries, like advertising, furniture, clothing, shoe-making, decoration, packaging, printing, and other industries. The materials processed by the small laser engraver for sale include sheet metal, acrylic, plexiglass, glass, cloth, leather, paper, etc.

g. Laser Marking Machine

The laser marking machine is a laser machine that uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials.

Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is a slitting process with which it is possible Jasa Laser Cutting to cut metallic and non-metallic raw materials of different material thicknesses. This is based around a laser beam which is guided, formed, and bundled. When it hits the workpiece, the material heats up to the extent that it melts or vaporizes. In this process, the whole laser power is concentrated on one point, with a diameter that is often less than half a millimeter. If more heat is introduced into this area than can dissipate through heat conduction, the laser beam will penetrate the material entirely – the cutting process has begun. While other processes involve applying large-scale tools with enormous power to the sheet metal, the laser beam completes its task without any contact. In this way, the tool does not incur wear, and no deformities or damage to the workpiece occur.

Advantages of laser cutting

All materials common in industrial processing – from steel to aluminum, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal sheets, all the way to non-metal materials such as plastics, glass, wood, or ceramics – can be cut safely and in high quality with the laser. Very different sheet thicknesses of 0.5 to over 30 millimeters can be cut using the tool. This extremely wide material range makes the laser the top cutting tool for many applications in the area of metals and non-metals.

The bundled laser beam only heats up the material locally, and the rest of the workpiece is subjected to minimal thermal stresses or not at all. This means the kerf is barely wider than the beam and even complex, intricate contours may be cut smoothly and free of burrs. Time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary in most cases. Due to its flexibility, this cutting procedure is often used for small lot sizes, large variant ranges, and in prototype construction.

High-quality cutting edges with ultrashort pulses

Ultrashort pulse lasers vaporize virtually every material so quickly that heat influence cannot be detected, thereby creating high-quality cutting edges without ejection of melted material. This makes the lasers ideal for the manufacture of the most intricate metal products, such as stents for Jasa Laser Cutting Medan medical technology. In the display industry, ultrashort pulse lasers cut chemically hardened glass.Discover our products for laser cutting

Whether 2D or 3D laser processing – TRUMPF offers machines and systems for extremely various applications for you.Find out more

The interaction between a focused laser beam and workpiece forms the basis of laser cutting. In order for this process to be carried out reliably and precisely, numerous components and additional equipment are used on and around the laser beam, which will be illustrated in the following graphic.Focusing optics: lens and mirror optics focus the laser beam on the processing pointLaser beam: the laser beam hits the workpiece and heats it up until it melts or vaporizes.Cutting gas: the resulting melt is blown out of the kerf using cutting gas. The gas is emitted coaxially with the laser beam from the nozzle.Drag lines: during laser cutting, the cutting edge is given a typical drag line pattern. At a lower cutting speed, these drag lines are virtually parallel to the laser beam.Melt: the laser beam – bundled laser light – is guided along the contour and melts the material locally.Cutting point: on the workpiece, the kerf is barely wider than the focused laser beam.Nozzle: laser beam and cutting gas meet the workpiece through the cutting nozzle.Cutting direction: the kerf is created by moving the cutting head or the workpiece in a specific direction.

Various applications in the area of laser cutting

Virtually no visible burr formation: the gearwheel shows the excellent part quality produced by laser cutting even in thicker materials.

Fibre-reinforced plastics are the ideal raw material for lightweight design. However, the unruliness of the material poses challenges for nearly all tools – except the laser. Customers benefit from the speed and flexibility in shape of the laser cutting tool in prototype construction in particular.

From mild to stainless steel all the way to highly reflective materials ­– all industrially common materials can be processed by the laser with high levels of quality.

Fast, burr-free, and in three dimensions: this is how a laser cuts hotforming components such as B pillars in the automotive industry.

In fusion cutting, the laser cuts thin stainless and mild steel with a thickness from 0.lima millimeters, very quickly and cost effectively.

Even components which are formed three-dimensionally such as heat protection sheets for exhaust gas systems may be precisely cut with a laser.

Even brittle materials such as glass can be processed using laser cutting machines and at high speeds with mirror-smooth results – without burrs or chips.

BrightLine fiber is a sophisticated combination of special optics, flow-optimized nozzles, and additional technical innovations. The advantage: due to the high-quality cutting edges, parts do not get caught during part removal.

Compared to mechanical slitting processes, a laser allows household knives to be produced faster and without requiring post-processing on the cutting edge.

Short and ultrashort pulse lasers cut the most intricate structures at the micrometer level quickly and cost effectively. This is how laser-cut hands for the clock industry or laser-cut implants for medical technology are created.

All laser cutting procedures at a glance

When it comes to cutting metal and non-metal raw materials, the laser is in many cases the first choice as a universal tool. The laser beam cuts nearly any contour quickly and with flexibility – regardless of how intricate and complex the shape is, or how thin the material. In the process, various cutting gases and pressures influence the machining process and the result.

Flame cutting

For flame cutting, oxygen is used as the cutting gas; this is blown into the kerf with a pressure of up to 6 bar. There, it burns and oxidizes the metal melt. The energy generated by this chemical reaction supports the laser beam. Flame cutting allows for very high cutting speeds and the processing of thick sheet metals and mild steels.

Fusion cutting

Cnc Metal Cutting Machine – Forsun

Jasa Laser Cutting Medan A fiber cutting machine is a laser cutting equipment that uses a fiber laser generator as a light source. Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser that is newly developed in the world. It outputs a high-energy-density laser beam, which is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece so that the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece is instantly melted and vaporized, and the spot is moved by the numerical control mechanical system Realize automatic cutting by irradiating position. Jasa Laser Cutting

We provide a variety of power fiber optic machines, such as 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 6000W, 8000W, 12000W, and 20000W laser power options to meet your needs.

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Fiber Laser Cutter Machine of Sale

The following is part of the fiber optic machine cutting video. Want to see more videos about fiber laser machines, please check our “Fiber Laser Machine Vlog ” halaman.

Application Industries

Application industries of fiber laser cutting machine: metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, locomotive manufacturing, aerospace, agricultural and forestry machinery, elevator manufacturing, IT manufacturing, special automobiles, household appliances manufacturing, tool Jasa Laser Cutting Medan processing, petroleum machinery manufacturing, food machinery, Diamond tool welding, gear welding, metal material surface treatment, decorative advertising, laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

Applicable Materials

The fiber laser machine is specialized in cutting various medium and thin metal plates, high-quality cutting carbon steel plates, and can also cut stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, galvanized plates, electrolytic plates, silicon steel, titanium alloys, aluminum-zinc plates, and other metal materials.

Sample Presentation

SpecificationDevice modelFS-3015Laser typeFiber Laser CutterLaser working mediumFiberLaser wavelength1060-1080nmRated output power1000w,1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 6000w, 8000w, 12kw, 20kwX axis travel1500mmY axis travel3000mmZ axis travel200mmEffective cutting range of flat plate1500*3000mmpositioning accuracy±0.02mm/mRepeatability±0.02mm/mMaximum empty travel speed100m/minPower rating380V 50HzEquipment power11.25kwWeight4500kg

Cutting Speed500W1000w1500W2000W3000WMaterialThicknessGascutting Speed(m/min)cutting Speed(m/min)cutting Speed(m/min)cutting Speed(m/min)cutting Speed(m/min)Carbon Steel1O27.0–9.08.0–1015–2624–3030–4023.0–4.54.0–6.54.5–6.54.7–6.54.8–7.531.8–tiga.02.4–3.02.6–4.03.0–4.83.tiga–lima.041.tiga–1.52.0–dua.42.5–3.02.8–3.53.0–4.250.9–1.11.5–dua.02.0–2.52.dua–tiga.02.6–3.561.4–1.61.6–2.21.8–2.62.tiga–3.280.8–1.21.0–1.41.dua–1.81.8–2.6100.6–1.00.8–1.11.1–1.31.dua–dua.0120.lima–0.80.7–1.00.9–1.21.0-1.6140.5–0.70.7–0.80.9–1.4160.6–0.70.7–1.0180.4–0.60.6–0.8200.lima–0.8220.tiga–0.7Stainless Steel1N28.0–1318-2520–2724-3030–3522.4–5.05-7.58.0–129.0–1213–2130.6–0.81.8–2.53.0–lima.04.0–6.56.0-1041.dua–1.31.5–2.43.0–4.24.0–6.050.6–0.70.7-1.31.8-2.53.0–5.060.7–1.01.2-1.82.0–4.080.7-1.01.lima–dua.0100.6–0.8120.4–0.6Aluminum/brass1N24.0–lima.56.0-1010–2015-2525–3820.7–1.22.8-tiga.65.0–7.07–1010–1830.7–1.52.0–4.04.0-6.06.lima–8.041.0–1.52.0-3.03.5–5.050.7–1.01.2-1.82.5–tiga.560.7-1.01.5–dua.580.6-0.80.7–1.0

Features and Advantages

Bed: Annealing process eliminates excess tertekan and increases the ductility of the bed material; the bed is firm and stable, which is conducive to the stability of the laser cutting machine cutting process; the square tube is welded through high temperature and tempered to obtain ferrite and fine grain The bed body formed by the cementite combination has comprehensive mechanical properties, reduces the tertekan of welding and processing, ensures the processing error caused by the vibration of the bed, and reduces the loss of equipment during use.

Aviation aluminum profile: It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high hardness, good toughness, good ductility, etc.; and lightweight, convenient for high-speed movement during processing, and at the same time has the characteristics of high flexibility. Increase the processing speed.

How to Buy the CNC fiber laser cutting machine?Inquiry. Feel free to tell us what material you want, what is your max working size, and what product you want to do. The budget is also welcome.Free Quotation provided. We will send our quotation sheet with machine configuration, photos, videos, and prices to you according to your request.Launch the order. Your company will arrange the deposit, and we start the machine production from 3D design, machine body welding, machining, painting spare parts preparing, manufacture, and inspection.Testing sample video and delivery. After our manufacture and inspection, we will make a final video of the machine working for you. After the confirmation, the machine will be shipped by sea through my or your agent.After-sale service. We will provide a video teaching program to tell the customer how to use or install our machine. And my service team will 7*24 hours online to answer customer questions.Feedback. We are expecting feedback from our customers. Please tell us how you feel about machine quality and service. If you have more ideas to help us improve, that will be very appreciated.

Laser Cutting Service Uk

Laser cutting service by Fractory makes ordering really easy by taking it online. You can now upload 3D models and 2D drawings for instant quotes. After confirming the offer, we will take care of the manufacturing and delivery of the parts to your selected address. Jasa Laser Cutting

Learn more about our capabilities and the quoting process below.Laser Cut Parts – Ordering & Delivery

Just upload your CAD files onto the platform to get an instant quote and lead time. After confirming, we take care of the manufacturing side of things, using state-of-the-art machinery.

The process looks like this:Go to Fractory’s platform.Upload your CAD files onto the platform. 3D models are preferred, as they can also be used to quote bent parts (supported 3D arsip formats are STP, Jasa Laser Cutting Medan SLDPRT, PAR, PSM). Flat cutting jobs can also be quoted based on 2D drawings in DXF format.Select your material and address for an instant price and lead time.We organise the transportation all over the UK, including all the larger cities like London, Liverpool, etc.

If you have any questions, you can check our laser cutting quote halaman for more information or turn to our engineers via email.

Get your instant quote for laser cutting now

We have manufactured a lot of different parts for a wide range of projects. The only common denominator for all of them is “metal” because we only perform metal cutting at Fractory.

The projects include custom metal cut parts for many industries but also hobbyists with one-off parts.

Some of our client segments include:

Machine builders – machine components, panels, etc.

Car manufacturers – panels, roll cages, chassis etc.

Maritime industry – frames and other parts (mostly aluminium and stainless steel)

Robot building – frame, bodyworks, moving parts, etc.

Forestry & agricultural machinery – panels, frames, etc.

Art studios – signs and signage

Fashion designers – metal jewellery

We would advise looking at our design requirements first in order to avoid parts that cannot be produced. The main design principles revolve around cut widths suitable for production.

Laser cutting allows great flexibility, accuracy and top quality. It can cut very complex shapes.

State of the art automated laser cutters need little manpower. Combining their autonomous nature to their swiftness, Fractory’s online laser cutting platform enables keeping your project costs low.

The accuracy tolerance for positioning is +/- 0.1 mm. Thermal effects on the material are small, Jasa Laser Cutting Medan therefore it is possible to cut small holes with a minimum diameter of 1/2 the material thickness as well as holes that can be threaded after cutting without requiring additional machining. The cutting line width it is smaller than 0.5 mm for most materials.

Fractory’s manufacturing network offers lasers that can cut a number of materials. These include carbon steel, stainless steel, high-strength steels as well as non-ferrous materials like aluminium, brass, copper and titanium. For metal plates thicker than 20 mm, see more about our plasma cutting capabilities. Aluminium cutting has its own rules.CNC Metal Cutting Materials

Fractory’s laser profiling service only focuses on one class of materials – different types of metal. Therefore, we include a list of most common metals with their maximum recommended thickness for getting the best quality results:

Stainless steel – up to 30 mm

Special steels (Hardox, Strenx, etc.) – up to 20 mm

Lasers are suitable for cutting a variety of non-metal materials. These include MDF, acrylic, wood, card, paper, etc. Unfortunately, we do not offer such cutting services at the moment.Online laser cutting platform

Laser cutting online makes quick pricing possible. You can get an instant quote for your STP part file or DXF drawing. There’s no more need for detailed drawings. Thus, you can save a lot of time by skipping the drawings part of an engineer’s job.

Online laser cutting’s pricing algorithms make it possible to design things keeping cost in mind. Also, it helps you to see how the prices change for scaling up the production. Ordering from Fractory ends up with our algorithms choosing the best-suited manufacturing partner. The choice depends on a manufacturer’s availability, location, expertise, etc.

As our system knows all this gosip, we can reduce lead times, provide competitive prices and find a manufacturer with the right expertise for any project.

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process where the cut is made using an amplified light beam – laser. A high-power laser is able to achieve high-quality results for metal cutting. Lasers can be used for any metalwork, including industrial applications.

Laser profiling is more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting but is more limited when it comes to cutting thick materials.

Fractory’s laser cutting service offers CO2 and fibre lasers. While both use concentrated laser beams, the beam generation process uses different mechanisms. Both technologies have certain advantages, making them useful in certain situations.Advantages of Laser Cutting

As already discussed, laser technology has an edge over other cutting methods when it comes to certain qualities. All those can work for your cause if you are aware of them.

The main advantages of laser cutting:Great flexibility – One sheet may have 100 different cuts without having to change tools. Also, it is possible to cut all kinds of intricate shapes.Precision – Accuracy of+/- 0.1 mm for laser cut parts gives the possibility to really cater to your most demanding needs. This kind of precision also ensures high quality.Repeatability – +/- 0.05 mm ensures close to identical details.Speed – Laser cutters are known for their speed, especially when cutting thin metal sheets.Saves money – The machines are getting more energy efficient. Shuttle tables reduce the need for handling which means less need for manual labour. Smaller manufacturing costs result in lower total costs for the buyer.Saving time – Laser cutting is automated. Therefore, it is the machinery that reads the drawings. The drawings only need to include cutting lines. This saves a lot of time in the drawing-room.Small areas of HAZ – The heat affected zone is an unwanted byproduct of thermal cutting methods. As laser cutting has a small cutting kerf, the heat is not dispersed as heavily as with other cutting methods, leaving a smaller HAZ.Laser Cutting FAQWhat standard do you follow?

We follow ISO 9001, ISO 9013, and EN 10204 standards.

We bring the parts to your doorstep in under 9 working days.What industries do you specialise in?

Fractory’s clients come from all sorts of industries and we do not limit ourselves to anything specific. Everything from heavy machinery to art studio projects are welcome. We have experience with them all.Do you help to create the designs?

Our experienced engineers can assist you with consultation regarding the possibility of producing your parts as well as material selection. Unfortunately, we do not currently help with creating a design from scratch.Do you provide laser engraving services?

Yes, but the automated quoting system does not yet provide instant pricing to laser engraved parts. We need to quote them manually, so send the drawings to you make me a custom one-off part?

Yes, as there are no limitation to the minimum order size. Just upload your CAD files to our system and get them quoted.Do you cut anything besides metal?

No, not at the moment. We are aware that many of you would like to laser cut MDF, acrylic, wood, etc. So we are looking to add these materials to our selection in the future.