2019 Eligibility Criteria

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Programme in primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) encourages the development of innovative projects, which are designed to improve the lives of people living with PBC. In 2019, we focused on local and national projects that pioneered collaborative care between healthcare professionals and people living with PBC. Specifically, we sought projects that:

Created tools or platforms that enable or encourage timely monitoring of patients
Provided resources to improve the dialogue between people living with PBC and their healthcare professional
Encouraged collaborative care in PBC, e.g. through the appropriate use of existing or emerging best practice guidelines


In 2019, Intercept funded nine new innovative projects, with no one application being greater than €25,000 (or local currency equivalent).
In addition to this, and new for 2019, Intercept provided two additional funding awards (up to €15,000 or local currency equivalent) to projects that replicated previous Practice to Policy® winners.

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Programme
Are you part of one of the following organisations?

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Programme will consider applications from:

  • Healthcare organisations
  • Academic institutions
  • Policy organisations
  • Patient organisations

What types of funding are not accepted for a Practice to Policy® award?

Investigator-initiated research grants (IIRs)

If you are interested in an investigator-initiated research grant, please email: grants@interceptpharma.com

Medical education grants

If you are seeking grants or other funding for medical education (either CME or IME), please email: grants@interceptpharma.com

Core funding grants:

This type of funding supports an organisation’s day-to-day work and may go towards the costs of the organisation’s administration, e.g. staff costs, office rental, stationery costs, etc. and/or core initiatives.
If you are seeking patient group core funding grants, please email: internationalgrants@interceptpharma.com.

What types of projects are not eligible for a Practice to Policy® award?

Patient apps: Please note, we do not accept project applications that focus on the development of patient apps. The Practice to Policy® programme supports a separate patient app initiative to ensure that our efforts as a community can be combined. If you would be interested in becoming involved in this, please get in touch with the team practicetopolicy@interceptpharma.com.

Recurring projects: Whilst we support applications that seek to replicate winning projects, we do not accept applications for recurring projects from previous winners themselves. Ongoing projects are still eligible to apply; however, applications must act as standalone and distinct components of the organisation or institution’s activities.

Which countries are eligible for the Practice to Policy® Europe and Canada Programme?

In addition to countries within Europe and Canada, the programme is open to any country outside of the U.S. Whilst the programme topics and projects may largely focus on Europe and Canada, we welcome innovation and best practice learnings from across the world.

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