2019 Eligibility Criteria

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Program in primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) encourages the development of innovative projects, which are designed to improve the lives of people living with PBC. In 2019, we are focusing on local and national projects that pioneer collaborative care between healthcare professionals and people living with PBC. Specifically, we are seeking programs that:

Create tools or platforms that enable or encourage timely monitoring of patients
Provide resources to improve the dialogue between people living with PBC and their providers
Explore new ways to enhance local PBC communities or networks

Winning projects may be awarded up to $30,000 in funding. 

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Program
Do you belong to one of the following organizations?

The Practice to Policy® Health Awards Program will consider applications from:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Policy organizations
  • Patient organizations

What types of funding are not accepted for a Practice to Policy® award?

Investigator-initiated research (IIR) grants

If you are interested in an IIR grant, please visit: https://research.interceptpharma.com

Medical education grants

If you are seeking grants or other funding for medical education (either CME or IME), please visit: https://grants.interceptpharma.com.

Core funding grants:

This type of funding supports an organization’s day-to-day work and may go towards the costs of the organization’s administration, e.g. staff costs, office rental, stationery costs, etc. and/or core initiatives. If you are seeking patient group core funding grants, please email: parisa.sanandaji@interceptpharma.com.

For more details on the possible types of funding, please consult the Intercept funding table.