2019 Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged on the extent to which they satisfy the criteria set out below:

Does the application contain all of the necessary details and supporting documents within the application?

  • Completed budget planner with a clear, detailed budget specific to the project
  • Legal proof that they are part of the organization
  • A letter of support for the project from the organization 

Does the project demonstrate innovation within primary biliary cholangitis (PBC)?

Does the project demonstrate a clear purpose and rationale?

Does the project intend to support or improve the lives of people living with PBC and does it meet the 2019 eligibility criteria to pioneer collaborative care between healthcare professionals and people living with PBC? Specifically, a program that:

  • Creates tools or platforms that enable or encourage timely monitoring of patients
  • Provides resources to improve the dialogue between people living with PBC and their healthcare professionals
  • Explores new ways to enhance local PBC communities or networks

Can the project be completed within the one-year timeframe?

Does the project have clear and measurable outcomes? Does it follow the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) methodology?

Does the project have impact in terms of creating valuable insights, evidence, and learning for the wider healthcare community?

All awards given are based on the merits of the application in accordance to the above criteria. Decisions by the judges are made without reference to, or any intent to influence, prescribing practices.